Women Empowering Women


ACHA-Himalayan Sisterhood is a women’s organization based in Berkeley, CA with members spread across the United States and growing. ACHA is committed to women’s empowerment, community service, and civic engagement with a mission to create safe, supportive and inclusive spaces for women to empower each other. Called to action after an incident of gender-based violence in a Tibetan refugee settlement in India in 2011, a handful of Tibetan women in the Bay Area gathered to organize a women’s support group to raise awareness about a range of social justice and gender issues within the Himalayan communities locally, nationally, and internationally.


End Domestic Violence: Tibetan-English Phrasebook


Learn the Words: The New Tibetan Lexicon of Domestic Violence.  

This is a preliminary list of new vocabulary at Machik’s Kora Workshop on 5/27/20.  The first Tibetan terms that appear (in black) are drawn from the first Tibetan-English domestic violence phrasebook, “End Domestic Violence” (ཁྱིམ་ནང་གི་གནོད་མཚེ་མཚམས་འཇོག). The Tibetan terminology are drawn from sources in use inside Tibet today.

Led by three longtime advocates and champions of Tibetan women’s rights internationally — Sang Mota (DV Advisor to ACHA), Dechen Tsering (ACHA cofounder and co-translator of End Domestic Violence), and Dr. Losang Rabgey (Machik cofounder) — this Kora will provide an opportunity to learn key terminology that have recently been developed in End Domestic Violence ( ཁྱིམ་ནང་གི་གནོད་འཚེ་མཚམས་འཇོག), the first ever Tibetan language phrasebook on domestic violence.